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Performance measurement criteria

Performance measurement criteria

Is one of the most important terms in modern management science and management by objectives defined this term to define some criteria by which

Senior management can follow and monitor the technical performance and financial and administrative departments and various departments within companies.

For example, there is a maaiirtoda for measuring the performance of other sales and marketing management and the difference between them.

There are standards to measure the performance of the production departments and operations, procurement and implementation.There are standards for financial management and performance measurement and collection expenses and cost control.

There are standards to measure the performance of human resources management and administrative affairs and service sectors.

There are standards to measure the performance of the Department of competition control pricing with competitors and the market in General.

There are standards to measure the performance of engineering and business sectors by type and corporate activity.

Here we’re not going to define these criteria and that it was in the company’s plan to explain each of these departments in subsequent articles Insha Allah.

We’re here to illustrate that this selection mode each Department standards vary from one company to another and from one activity to another and that was under the same title and the same goals.

To set goals for each standard varies depending on the stage of development and growth of the company and Department or the Department itself and by industry and performance rates depending on the latest market and State on the other, also a stage performance analysis and data for the processes and different departments is much more important than setting goals and analysis here meaning the ability to read numbers and ability compared with targets and questionnaire for investigation reasons or deviating from these goals in order to remedy that in the next stages.


We’re here to illustrate the importance of communication between senior management and the resulting figures and data analysts about criteria that measured periodically and regular basis and to draw curves performance and build databases of dated and conditions these different stages until it can be disciplined.

Finally we’re here to wish luck and persistence to our clients who hire us to serve them to achieve their goals.

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