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The real estate market and changing consumer culture

The real estate market and changing consumer culture mentioned in previous articles with a lot of ideas that can help the developer in the development of this important industry but the developer holds the brunt of many aspects of commitment to reform the industry today we also as consumers and users to talk together about how to rationalize the use of the real estate product optimally

Because surely we also have a role in creating a new culture in the Community consumption of the product and that we succeed in it will benefit a lot to our lives and economy of families.


Start of the biggest factor in the equation product price is the size or price, square metre here talking about a culture change for future generationsNew and will determine the shape of the desired product.

First item we could almost not tolerate and is the most important and largest item in the unit, and is the most expensive residential unit price compared to the rest of the ingredients and the most generous in the decorations and furnishings as family and community interface walberstig social guests of the family.

In fact, if we think a little in terms of use of this most precious part in unity we shall find us roughly only consumed 10% of our time and our lives and particularly on visits to family or friends which is almost the speed of life forced us to minimize and social networking tools help significantly and become very few visits and communication a lot use flights with we could almost not tolerate only as a place for private lessons for teachers and children just so at least 30% of the unit price does not use so why focus on investing in it and load the brunt family.plus another 30% of the furnishings and decorations and air conditioning devices in this part of the unit.


Imagine if we had studied it better we could save at least 30% of the price of the unit.

The next time we talk about what cuisine kitchen.

And thank you

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