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The relationship between Nokia and Samsung and Apple Developer

who reads the thread title is wondering if there is no clear relationship between Nokia and Samsung and Apple Developer, but even fully know the certainty of the relationship including relevant Let’s retrieve some important historical events

In the early 1990s with the emergence of mobile networks we figured Nokia many different versions of mobile phones that carry the name of this prestigious company and remained for years sitting pretty industry without a rival agency monopoly will remain longer or forever Nokia continued work and care for sale without regard to the need to develop products to create new requirement for consumers

Since the development of devices and screens with no Internet and no progression of the keyboard and kept selling without looking to develop their products ended up completely by the emergence of Nokia Apple and Samsung. emergence of Apple and Samsung is a major earthquake for Nokia, these companies have developed quite the contrary research centres from Nokia and creating mobile phone concept changed devices from Nokia products and created new requirements for the consumer until all our lives and our movements and transactions made through mobile phones Apple ausamsong

If companies work to focus on their research centres and work on the development of their products and to create new consumer needs and promote change and development after development of what products and developer?

All developers unfortunately going down completely on the driveway and there is no appropriate Nokia/advanced utility affect on the lives of consumers.

Areas that have developed in the industry based on the needs of the different and changing society with almost daily new generations have very different requirements in her previous generations in terms of luxury and space and electronic technology used inside the home and furniture user.

Materials used in air conditioning and refrigeration industry and its former concrete lighting ventilation

All product components are evolving everyday and have established a global exhibitions worldwide for construction and real estate industry development to the benefit of the engineering product for the client

how developer interested in developing engineering sector as much interest in the sale?

How many developer interested in knowing the latest developments llmbziarh global exhibition industry inputs?

How many developer applies new inputs in industry?

How many developer has a Department of research and development and innovation?

Where State censorship laws on building materials and construction requirements and feasibility developed to keep up with the industry?

Unfortunately there is a problem in the real estate market in Egypt to save this ancient market from countless crises, officials must pay attention to consumer protection and how to maintain their right, even the tragedy of Nokia does not recur in the real estate market.

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