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Message From The Chairman


Message from the Chairman


In a world facing significant economic fluctuations and keenness on providing business development to become more competitive and more beneficial to the consumer is clear to us the greatest role we believe that the most important success of the administration in power measurement, analysis and evaluation through standards that can be measured quantitatively or down the factors how.



This belief is what made us believe in the ability of the numbers on the expression of the quality and effectiveness of the operational performance of these companies, but what is missing these companies is to determine the standards required and rates are measured and thus improved by setting goals and always work on the follow-up, due to the magnitude of the executive role played by the CEOs and heads of sectors within these companies have become a supervisory role, monitoring and improvement and development, unfortunately, is very weak so we thought of helping corporate boards to do this important on their behalf role of the Time-up permanent all-wheel towards the development of the operations, objectives and measurement, analysis and raise the summary reports to the board of directors to take the proportion of decisions and, most importantly in these companies it continued active management, governance and payment to be achieved after preparing us for corrective action to be taken to do so.