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Performance measurement criteria

Performance measurement criteria Is one of the most important terms in modern management science and management by objectives defined this term to define some criteria by which Senior management can follow and monitor the technical performance and financial and administrative departments and various departments within companies. For example, there is …

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Launch of KPI-ME company for three projects integrated consulting services

The real estate market in RAS Sidr and North Coast and Cairo.   Engineer Mahmoud Hassan said. Ceo of business advisory company staging three developers from their customers in the Egyptian market, told us the vision and goals of the company with its customers through its expertise in finance, management …

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The relationship between Nokia and Samsung and Apple Developer

who reads the thread title is wondering if there is no clear relationship between Nokia and Samsung and Apple Developer, but even fully know the certainty of the relationship including relevant Let’s retrieve some important historical events In the early 1990s with the emergence of mobile networks we figured Nokia …

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The real estate market and changing consumer culture

The real estate market and changing consumer culture mentioned in previous articles with a lot of ideas that can help the developer in the development of this important industry but the developer holds the brunt of many aspects of commitment to reform the industry today we also as consumers and …

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Real estate market between tricking the numbers and reality (2)

Complementing what we started on the reality in the real estate market and what you should keep in mind when talking about the future of the industry is quite difficult. Clear last time cheat numbers and the future of this market, the industry and here we must not point out …

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