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Financial Analysis


Financial Analysis


The company also makes corporate bodies and financial analysis for the purpose of access to proper financial planning and explore the financial situation of the companies for specific time Fenrh precedent we studied and analyzed, using the range of technologies, which is the financial ratios, as well as working capital. It includes exporting reports from a consultant company the following data for analysis report as follows: – 1. terms of fiscal balance in the short and long term. 2. discover the strengths and weaknesses in the financial policy. 3. draw some solutions and suggestions in the financial management process. 4. Do some detailed studies of the financial statements. After a thorough examination of financial information for companies and organizations

we reach the following results of this analysis: –


1. Develop reached the information for use in the general surveillance.

2. give a judgment on the financial management for the period under analysis.

3. decision-making in the distribution of profits or the process of investing.

4. Give the provisions on the extent to which financial balances.

5. evaluation of the financial results by specifying the taxable figures.

6. compared to the general situation of the company with other companies from the same sector.

7. proposal for fiscal policy in order to change the financial situation.

8. assessment of the financial situation and the extent of the company is unable to afford loans.

9. assess the efficiency of the administration and the method of management of the company.

10. knowledge of the firm’s ability to repay its debt and its ability to borrow when needed.

11-knowledge of the financial situation within the company firewall.

12. assess the result of the investment in the company.

13. clarify the status of the company in the sector to which it belongs to him.

14. assess the level of control systems within the company firewall.

15. assess action plan in place within the company firewall.