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With the exponential economical and business growth and development in the world, the most important question remains. Why Middle Eastern and African countries are unable to develop in as the same rate as European, American, Near Eastern and Asian Countries? Consequently, we highlight the answer which no one can deny; which is the method and style of management of corporate, organizations and companies, which are involved in business and economics of Middle Eastern and African countries. Unfortunately, we noticed that the comprehension of top management and decision makers of new management methodologies and styles and adapting to them is too slow. Current management systems mainly adapt the principal of fast decision making based on factual data after being analyzed and reported in a timely manner which serves the best interests, to counter the ever changing variables in the market. We (in Middle East and Africa) lost focus on planning, management, clear vision and defining the needs of fast development and growth. Centralized decision making is still the dominant methodology with utter disorganization and randomness in planning and decision making. My main goal is the transfer of 20 years’ worth of experience gained of management systems and practices, which I encountered in European and American companies and organizations, to similar companies in our African and Middle Eastern countries, as I see they are in dire need to implement such advanced practices to catch up with the ever developing world. Therefore, I see that KPI Middle East’s cooperation with clients who desire to fulfil their goals and objectives is an absolute necessity. We can help them by working side by side to accomplish these goals and to avoid business risks which similar businesses faced, and to implement all practices available to protect investments and accomplishing goals.


KPI Middle East is one of Target Middle East Group subsidiaries, that has more than 20 years of experience in the Middle Eastern market & African market. We offer our clients an integrated 360° premium business consultancy to various business sectors.


Achieving highly effective and efficient Egyptian Businesses is our ultimate vision. We want to see all of the Egyptian businesses transform into world class competitors. Our world attained expertise transferred to businesses to have the best practices in all business aspects for all industries and sectors.


Our mission is to improve and elevate all businesses in Egypt, give a competitive edge in the world market and increase their profitability while creating a suitable internal culture driving companies to thrive. KPI Middle East’s mission is to transform Egyptian Businesses into world leading businesses.


We believe that the word of mouth is worth more than contracts, and we keep our words as best serves our clients. High professionalism: Maintaining the highest possible standard is our only way of doing business.
All information and inner works of our customers ARE for our customers.
due to the diversity of our team, we provide and reconfigure tools from various industries to best suit any designated purpose to have the highest positive impact on your business.
“Exponential personal development”
We encourage all staff and clients to develop, learn and apply and gain all knowledge attainable for the benefit of the individual as well as the contribution for businesses.


Confidentiality, credibility and tailor-made solutions are the core of the KPI Middle East philosophy. Enforced with high level expertise and timely deliverability of KPI solutions, maintaining the highest satisfaction is our main goal. .

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