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We work as part of your team and provide support to all the business aspects and management (Organizational development, finance& investments and performance management) by setting clear objective and KPIs for each department to measure its development. Moreover, we build a company structure with clear communication channels to facilitate the achievement of the required goals and objectives. Conducting a complete and detailed situation analysis to identify the gaps, risk factors and strength points, to avoid all possible risk impacts and that is just the beginning!!


Finance Function Effectiveness :

An aligned strategy, operating model, and organizational structure with efficient and effective core financial and accounting processes provide the foundation for the success of the finance function.
• Facilitate and plan the finance vision and strategy to meet enterprise-wide goals
• Optimize the operating model to drive internal and external value creation
• Evaluate and adjust organizational structure and address gaps
• Implement end-to-end finance process excellence

Financial planning & Analytics Enhancement :

Actionable and relevant financial information is key for successful companies, and the FP&A function is the catalyst to breaking down silos and linking disparate functions and areas of the business. Success is built upon a common data language, well-defined and realistic targets, insightful reporting, and aligned goals.
• Create robust financial models and deliver timely and accurate budgets and forecasts .
• Develop advanced modeling and analytics to provide detailed insights into performance.
• Research, define, and implement KPIs to be used cross-functionally by the business and finance.
• Guide strategic planning with financial data to establish a common platform for long-term priorities.
• Develop the culture of business partnering to bring the analytics and decision support to action.

Accounting Support :

Ensure compliance and transparency throughout external reporting and filings, while driving a rigorous yet efficient close and reporting process.
• Improve efficiency of the close and reporting process
• Provide interim accounting management resources
• Advise on technical accounting polices
• Construct external financial reporting
• Identity potential areas of risk and develop procedures to avoid or reduce the financial impact
• Drive efficiency in the close process and deliver timely and accurate financial reporting


“ Where you are today and where you want to be lies a gap. That gap is the price you have to pay to get to the top. ”
― Oscar Bimpong
KPI identifies the difference between implemented systems and processes with the best practices to identify and highlight best ways to meet requirements and increase profitability.


“Hire for attitude, train for skill”
– Atul Gawande
KpI provides HR management solutions and consultancy to enhance engagement and contribution of each employee to enrich the business. We believe that individual skills and creativity can go a long way in the development of a business. Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the HR system provides a sea of opportunity for improvement as well as elimination of risk associated of poor practices.


“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory”
– W. Edwards Deming
KPI Middle East provides best management practices to all clients as means to stream line, plan and effectively manage any industry of any size. Knowledge transfer and training are provided as an “on the job training” approach, while implementing best management practices and transforming the business through the KPI business model approach created by KPI Middle East’s management Guru.
Transforming businesses to requires an integrated effort of accurate forecasting, planning, cost reduction, waste reduction, lean approach mindset, sound financial planning and good operational management under a cover of strategic and creative management, which is cover under the KPI Business Transformation Solution. The KPI ME Business Transformation Solution optimizes the operating model to drive internal and external value creation.


“Management by results -- like driving a car by looking in rear view mirror.”
– W. Edwards Deming
KPI drives its name from Key Performance Indicators, which are essential to all businesses, where you can not control what you can not measure. KPI Middle East provides tailor made measurement systems and ways for analysis as a means of continuous improvement to any business for all functions. KPI implements balanced score cards and simplified kpi measurement systems for effective monitoring and analysis of all processes. We believe it is the only way to attain sustainability.


“To copy is to invite disaster.”
– W. Edwards Deming
Quality management systems are frameworks for assurance of eliminating rsks to any organization. We provide guidance and implementation to various quality management systems such as and not limited to ISO 9001:2015 in a tailor-made approach to suit the organization perfectly, and assure ongoing continuous improvement by the system itself. We use lean thinking mindset to eliminate and stream line all quality management systems as to be perfectly used by businesses and not become the old “filling in paper” systems. We provide training for quality management systems and auditing of them and assure that all envolved and subject to the quality management system are fully aware and well trained.


“Quality planning consists of developing the products and processes required to meet customer's needs”
– Joseph M. Juran
KPI provides a wide range of quality services , including but not limited to :
• Construction quality inspection
• Construction Safety Inspection
• Quality Control Plans
• Guidance on quality standards needed for products
• Quality sampling plans
• Quality control plans
• Statistical Process Control
As we believe in modern definition of quality being a pillar for process re-engineering and product development, we use the DMIAC approach and lean six sigma fundamentals to enhance the quality standard of any business.


“A company could put a top man at every position and be swallowed by a competitor with people only half as good, but who are working together.”
– W. Edwards Deming
As the world changes, so does all organizations should change, we provide organizational development plans and solutions to keep up and gain a leading edge in the market for our clients, to enhance the performance and use all available skill and creativity of all employees. Restructuring and deployment of new functions and use of new technologies is the driving force behind organizational development , which provide to all clients in accordance with each unique strategy and vision to meet all objectives necessary for the growth of the business.


“Opportunity and risk come in pairs”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana
KPI identifies and prioritizes all risks associated and present in the business and identifies opportunities from these risks to improve the business. Implementing procedures and controls for risks and preparing plans to minimize these risks.


"Erroneous assumptions can be disastrous."
– Peter Drucker
KPI identifies and analysis the origin of problems in organizations using specific methodology and tool sets to find the main causes dragging down a business, and provide solutions to eliminate those causes.


"Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses."
– Marilyn vos Savant
Swot analysis is a widely used tool to identify risks and opportunities. The KPI swot analysis supplements the swot analysis with hands-on expertise, where we put into consideration all unfamiliar aspects and events going around the market and business to create higher effective information of the direction which the organization should embark.


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