Handling of Customer Complaints in Food Indusrty

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June 2, 2018
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June 2, 2018

Complaints are a fact of life in all food production organizations and they are practically not able to be avoided.
Supporting management practices are a must to be responsive to customer complaints and to specify an effective handling procedure specially in food safety related complaints.
Food safety complaints are much critical as in worse case, it can trigger crisis management situation with a recall and withdrawal of products from other customers and from the market.
Thus, the identification, collection and analysis of data is very essential to allow correct decisions to be made, sound investigation to be performed, appropriate actions to be taken, being a source for continual improvement and became inputs for the food safety risk assessment.
The importance of customer satisfaction to the commercial success of business is widely acknowledged. Thus, working closely with your customers is a very essential issue in order to make sure that your products and services meet their requirements, therefore customer services role is very important to ensure customer satisfaction.
Gaining customer satisfaction and customers loyalty is the measurement to your business success, thus you have to do a significant effort to work on all policies and procedures to provide your customers a unique, perfect product and service which will lately support the organization reputation and net profit.
An effective customer complain handling system shall cover the following:
•Documented customer complaint handling procedure.
•Identification of all potential causes of the complaint.
•Complaint data collection.
•Investigation and root cause analysis.
•Corrective action.
•Complaints analysis and trending.
•Continual improvement.
Don’t forget to maintain complaints at acceptable level, address critical complaints correctly, protect public health, embrace continuous improvement.
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