Team Development in Food Industry

Good Manufacturing Practices in Food Industry
May 9, 2018
اعمال ادارة المشروعات في التطوير العقاري
May 9, 2018

Food production organizations work on to eliminate or reduce food safety hazards that have the potential to cause a harmful health effect to the consumers through eating or drinking of unsafe food item.
The control measures are applied to ensure that food items are safe and fit for human consumption.
One of the important control measures applied is the staff training program based on the concept that, the responsibility of production of safe products with high quality is the responsibility of all the organization staff and employees.
During the investigation of unsterility cases, you may notice that the root cause of the incident is that the staff produced the food items, or the staff maintained the machines, or the staff handled the products didn’t get trainings before or are not trained enough to perform their job or even didn’t get the refreshment training on a regular basis.
Thus, Training and team development is one of the most important things that shall be at the top of the priority list of the companies.

Training allows employees to acquire new information and new skills, strengthen and improve the existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders.

Therefore, the Human resources department in cooperation with the quality department have to establish an annual training plan to cover all the needed technical and soft skills training courses needed in order to create a quality culture in which employees live quality in all their actions.

If the training program is a prime in your improvement plan, Kindly contact KPI Middle East consultants to help you.
Training programs that are developed and provided by KPI consultants include but not limited to:
• GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
• GHP (Good Hygiene Practices).
• Food Safety principles, Pest Control program.
• GWP (Good Warehousing Practices).
• HACCP awareness.
• Problem Solving Techniques.