Third party audit in food industry

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June 2, 2018
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June 2, 2018

Because the business success depend on the efficiency of the food safety and quality management systems and the score of the audits performed against the recognized standards and the organization standards, it’s easy to understand the serious consequences a lack of audits can bring.
A third party audit is the audit done against a recognized standard by an independent organization. GFSI states that audits are a fundamental requirement of the food safety management system.
These audits are important to identify areas that failed to comply with the current GMP, food safety and quality management systems and the standard operational procedures in order to ensure that you produce safe food for the consumers.
Your facilities and processes as well as your suppliers have to be audited on a regular basis by a qualified auditor in order to protect your products from unexpected food safety or quality incidents.
Why you might need to have a third party audit?
These include but not limited to:
•A real desire to improve the food safety and quality management systems.
•Customer requirement.
•Looking for a third set of new eyes.
•Problem solving of the major, critical nonconformities and weaknesses in the system.
•Not having the qualified resources to perform internal audits and supplier audits.
•Potential marketing advantage gained from the high scores of the audits.
These audits allow you to find and correct the issues before the release of products from your facility and before being detected by the customers and the consumers, help you to show dedication to customer safety, verify continual improvement and management commitment.
KPI business consultancy can provide you a practical approach for evaluating and verifying the food safety and quality management systems implemented among your food processing organization through conducting third party audit and providing you with an action plan for the recommended corrective actions that have to be taken.
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