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كي بي اي ميدل ايست انهت الدراسات الفنيه و المالية و التسويقية و الهندسية لأعمال تطوير اول برج بأرتفاعات تصل الي 25 دور بالعاصمة الادارية الجديدة و على النهر الاخضر مباشرة بمساحه 12000 متر لصالح عميلنا المميز شركة بريتي للتطوير العقاري

كي بي اي ميدل ايست انهت الدراسات الفنيه و المالية و التسويقية و الهندسية لأعمال تطوير كمبوند سكني علي مساحه 25 فدان بالعاصمة الادارية الجديدة لصالح عميلنا المميز شركة بريتي للتطوير العقاري



KPI Middle East is one of Target Middle East Group subsidiaries, that has more than 20 years of experience in the Middle Eastern market & African market. We offer our clients an integrated 360° premium business consultancy to various business sectors.


A letter of thanks and appreciation

We at hoi international would like to thank KPI Middle East and Eng. Mahmoud Hassan for the performance, attitude and professionalism. The work done by KPI ME was critical as business needs and market changed , and
KPI’s fast and decisive assessments and insights helped turn the tide for HOI international. The restructuring,
business process re-engineering and remodelling was done in a smooth and efficient method, where all teams
and organization departments aligned with our strategic business needs. We consider ourselves not clients, but partners of KPI , as we intend to cooperate in the future with KPI in our future expansions and with the changes of the market needs , as they proved to have insightful ideas on how to expand our scope of work to meet new demands in international markets. My sincere appreciation goes highly to KPI ME and Eng. Mahmoud and our wish for our continuous collaboration.

A letter of thanks and appreciation

We at Raa company specialized in the manufacture of household appliances for more than thirty years.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to Engineer Mahmoud Hassan, Executive Director of KPI Consulting
and Business Development Office. In the course of the contract which lasted for 6 months during which they provided administrative and technical solutions as an advisory office for some operations related to various departments such as manufacturing, procurement, warehousing, marketing, financial departments, finance and sales, which contributed greatly to the development of operations performance and the development of organizational structure capable of developing the
performance of different departments. And establish the basis of communication between the different sectors of the company as they have developed procedures for all the different departments able to control the processes and thus the development of criteria to evaluate the performance of operations and improve the process of achieving the goals planned for the company.

A letter of thanks and appreciation

We at Abraj Mist for Urban Development present our sincere appreciation and gratitude for Eng. Mahmoud Hassan , CEO of KPI Middle East, for their continuous management consultancy services over the period of two years, including restructuring and standardizing work through all internal sectors and departments which resulted in
the overall improvement of our performance and had a direct impact on our business objectives set by the board of directors of Abraj Misr. KPI also have implemented standardized operating procedures which increased the effectiveness and efficiency of our performance , and facilitated our internal communications.


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