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KPI Middle East is one of Target Middle East Group subsidiaries, that has more than 20 years of experience in the Middle Eastern market & African market. We offer our clients an integrated 360° premium business consultancy to various business sectors.



A Construction Company A Construction Company is one of the sister Company of a Big Development Company, it was recommended by KPI ME to Reorganize and establish a Management System in this Company to increase its work volume as a Business Development Advice

Set a meeting with the Company General Manager to discuss and approve all recommended advices which will be implemented during the Project time

Collecting Data about Company and its activities to be able to study the needs
Analysis all Collected Data to be able to establish and manage the Company

establish an Organization Chart which can easily represent the all Company Departments and hierarchy

Establish ISO 9001:2015 Management System which is Tylor made for the Company by our Professional Consultation Team.

Explain the ISO 9001:2015 Management System to every one inside the Construction Company and Distribute all Documentation to each one who is responsible for it as (Document Owner)

fine tuning the Management System by implement all Changes and Modification which is requested by each Process Owner then Get the final approval on it by each Document Owner

monitoring and Control Implementation Process which is operated by All the Company’s Employee

Study the national & international Market by search and Communicate with all Possible market Company to increase the opportunity of the Company to catch more contracts

set a meeting with every Department to Explain and Hand Over related Documentation to each Process Owner

Discuss and Collect Data about Every Strength, weakness, Opportunity and Threat from the Point of view of all Department head & Employee to be able to make effective SWOT Analysis through the Company.


We transformed and standardized a; processes of the company through methodological and tailor made solutions suitable for their size, nitch and vision . this standardization results in cost reduction, higher quality and profitability.


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